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The PICHULIK A/W ‘14 CAMPAIGN was shot at 35 Towers recently, and I co-art directed and styled this moody interpretation of a glum but glam housewife. I used mostly garments out of my vintage collection, which complement this strong accessories collection really well - finally my ever growing archive gets its own spotlight! 

Alexis Barrell city project. Collections worn by women who wear them the best. City guides and travel tips from local dynamic women. Coming soon ….

Alexis Barrell city project. Collections worn by women who wear them the best. City guides and travel tips from local dynamic women. Coming soon ….

My sister Jana Eleanor Brueckner directed this incredibly moving music video set in the Namib desert for a is a duet sung between Namibian musicians TONETiC and Shishani. The vast scenery juxtaposes the haunting, intimate sound of this love song so beautifully. This is the first film project she has done in quite some years and I am beaming pride all the way to Namibia and beyond. More desert videos please!

I interviewed Rwandan model Nadia Giramata for KISUA in New York in September ‘13. Images: Alice Rosati

This Rwandan brainbox is more than just a pretty face

Nadia Giramata was scouted in Manchester two years ago. Since then she has risen fast through the fashion ranks. Now 22, Giramata has shot campaigns for Topshop and John Lewis, walked for Tom Ford and booked editorials for Vogue Germany and Italy, Pop, iD and Metal magazine.

Born in Rubavu, Rwanda, Giramata moved to Strasbourg with her family when she was five. She relocated to the UK for university and speaks a staggering six languages. She had no ambitions to become a model until fate came calling. “Everything happened very quickly and I soon realised that I could not study and model at the same time,” Giramata tells KISUA. “So I am moving to New York soon to focus on my career full-time. This makes me feel both excited and petrified.”

Wherever life takes her though, she credits her solid African upbringing and strong ties to Rwanda for keeping her grounded. She hopes to take a trip across Africa soon, schedule permitting. In the meantime, Giramata expresses her heritage and life experiences though her dress sense. “My style is very chic, French and elegant with quirky touches such as earrings and cuffs but my roots will always be African and I love to be bold sometimes.”

Below, Giramata reveals some of her passions and pleasures to KISUA.

Playful or contemplative: Both. I love to read and keep up on current affairs. On the other hand, I have a hidden talent for imitating accents, especially African ones.

Prints or plain: Never too much of either. It’s best when both are elegantly combined.

Party or pyjamas: I’m such a pyjamas girl.

Groomed or groovy: So groomed. I grew up in France and it’s in the water to be groomed there.

Beach holiday or big city: Big city all the way. I love the pace of cities – it’s like a heartbeat.

Coffee or camomile: Coffee in the morning and camomile in the evening before bed.

Boyfriend or best friend: For the moment it’s more the best friend. I made the choice to put work first and boyfriends can come much later when I have the time!